Cooking and Cost Savings?

Who said good food has to come at a high price?

It is said that the average American household spends 20% of their disposable income on food. This amounts to thousands of dollars invested into a staple, but it is not considered the creative, beautiful experience that food can be. Since we see food all around us every day, it’s an excellent way for people to gain a little more joy and experience new things. I hope to find budget-friendly and stomach-friendly ways to help people prepare and try out some interesting new recipes. Food being my passion and accounting being my career, I have established some best practices in getting the best bang for your buck when cooking.

The primary way to cut down your cost of food is to plan ahead of time. Take a look at the recipes before you go to the grocery store and know which amounts and what ingredients to buy will help cut down on waste and spoilage. If a little bit of time is invested at the beginning of the process, it will make the whole recipe go smoother and better tastier results. Not to mention all the time, you’ll save only making one trip to the store. In the end, it’s making something that you love and that you can share with others while still keeping the budget in mind.

Interestingly we look at recipes and think that they are step-by-step instructions, but I hope to show that recipes can be a guide and creativity is always welcome in the kitchen. Many of us think if we don’t have a specific ingredient that we can’t make something. Changing the way that we believe so that we understand that there are so many substitutes and usually more cost-effective ones that can end up with just as impressive a dish.  

Can’t wait to keep it cooking with you!

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