Lets all wine.

One of the intimidating and costly things people tend to shy away from is adding wine to dishes. This component is incredibly crucial to many recipes it is very overlooked due to the cost and not having it on hand.  When it is used in cooking it can be a great way to adjust the flavor and aroma by adding, intensifying, and enhancing the flavor. That being said it’s not always the case that you have to break the bank to find a good wine to cook with.

In my experience, I would tend to shy away from wines that are marketed as cooking wine. Although this may seem a little counterintuitive as we were going to be using these for cooking, I tend to find these wines lacking the full flavor and body as their drinking counterparts. Instead, I try to find a cheaper wine that is meant for drinking to get the full flavor and bring that potent aspect to the food. I have no wine expert by any means, so I tend to rely on the expertise of store associates. It’s important to keep in mind what dishes are making and what kind of wine is called for in the recipe. That’s not being sad that you can’t have a little bit of creativity in this section and it’s a great thing to play with and learn the different flavors that will work well.

Whether it’s a chicken marsala or a French onion soup adding just a splash of wine can make all of the difference. Flavor, color, aroma so many great components come from adding wine to the dish. Hopefully, this has inspired you to go to your local grocery store and find the perfect bottle of wine and make that dish that you’ve been wanting to try.

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