Keep Up the Spice

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If we’re going to keep it cooking, we might as well spice it up while we are at it. The best way to understand the spices and herbs at our disposal is to experiment with them. It’s easier to understand aroma flavor and visual components that each of these herbs or spices can add after using them for some time. Changing the combination of herbs and spices used in a recipe can live up the flavor or make a quick change to a dish so let’s talk more about the unique component of food.

If you’re a little unsure or new to cooking, I would highly recommend this article, “22 Different Spices and Herbs and How to Use Them”. This article is fantastic at breaking down some popular spices on their flavor and how to best use them and dishes. When you’re new to a different space, you may not know how to utilize it best to create a good flavor profile. Refers you to some recipes that you can use to get an idea of the flavor.

Spices are a great place to show your creativity in the kitchen. I always look at recipes as a roadmap, and there are so many little alleys in street ways you can use to get to the same destinations. You can even use them to help bring some variety to the dishes you’ve made for years and look for a little bit of a change. When it comes to herbs and spices, they come in both dry and fresh forms for the most part. When it comes to the dry form, they’re usually more concentrated in flavor, so if you’re going to be using the fresh state, you want to increase that by a 3 to 1 ratio.

Keeping spices on hand in the kitchen is a great way to utilize them in your dishes. If you like me and like having everything super organized, I can’t more than highly recommend this spice organizing system found online. Now hopefully, you can run to your nearest grocery store and see all of those spices and start experimenting in the kitchen and create some great dishes. Don’t forget to post those finished dishes to my Twitter account and let me know what spices you’ve discovered.

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