Let’s keep those pantries stocked!

Image By Steve P B

When it comes down to it ending up with the right result, it depends on the ingredients that go into the dish. This can make those recipes even more intimidating because if they don’t work, you’ve wasted not only your time but your money. One of the main things to do before you go to the grocery store is to plan. Knowing what recipes, you want to cook this week and what ingredients are needed will help you save money in the long run. I hope to give you some tips that I use, and hopefully, you can use them to help establish some acceptable practices we’re going grocery shopping.

The first thing to keep in mind is you should know which vegetables are seasonally available. These tend to be much more affordable when they are in the season, even though they may be available outside of the season. My first example of this is corn; when it is towards the end of fall, it tends to be close to $.25, and then if you go in the middle of winter, you’re looking at a dollar a cob. Another great thing that is available to us that we tend not to use coupons. I go to the Krazy coupon lady website to find some fantastic deals on groceries and household staples. Lastly, I recommend buying certain things in bulk and take advantage of that pantry that you have.  Dry ingredients take forever to go bad and are so shelf-stable that if you’re not buying them in bulk, you’re just wasting money. Another great thing to buy in bulk is certain meats; chicken is usually cheaper if you buy large bags, and you can easily take out a small portion and use it for your dishes. For more in the all-inclusive list, take a look at this news article from US news that goes over a list of things you should be buying in bulk.

Hopefully, you have found a great way to save a little money when you go to the grocery store. It’s always easy to start small, implement one of these practices, and then move onto the next. If you have any tips or tricks that you use, reach out to me on Twitter. I would love to hear more. So let’s all take a few minutes right now to plan out next week’s meals so that we can go grocery shopping this weekend and check out some of those coupons online.

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