Tools of the Trade

Photo by Sea Wave

When cooking, there are so many great tools that are available to even the newest of chefs. One of the great ways to save money is to avoid those fads and stick with classic items that will last you a lifetime of great cooking. Every chef should have specific tools within their arsenal available in every kitchen. Let’s talk a bit about what items I would spend a little money on what things I would save a little money on. 

The first thing everybody needs is a good chef’s knife; there are multiple styles, and I would pick the one that best fits your grip.  This is a trial-and-error thing, so don’t like the first knife, and if you want quality that lasts a lifetime, you may have spent a little bit of money on this one.  The next thing you got to have in your kitchen is a cast-iron skillet. I usually like to have about 2 inches deep in about at least 12 inches but prefer 14 inches size, and don’t be afraid to save a little money on this one. This is such a versatile tool, and if cared for correctly, you can last forever; you’re some great tips on caring for it correctly. Next, I would invest in a great food processor. I use mine for so many things that it’s worth every penny. You want one with a variety of accessories to cut down on your prep time, and you can save money by buying ingredients in their raw form.  Use mine from chopping vegetables to make my almond flour which saves a ton of money and time.  Take a look at this article that ranks all the top-selling suitable food processors and see what fits your budget.

Hopefully, this can help you find out what you need in your kitchen to be the best at home so if you could be.  Spending money where it is well deserved will help you get the best bang for your buck and have items in your kitchen that are versatile and easy to use. When you have the right tools in the kitchen, you can cook all the dishes you can set your mind to.  Do you have any questions on any of the kitchen products you’re going out there to buy, do not hesitate to contact me on Twitter?  

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