First Step, Lets Meal Prep

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I came across this interesting topic this week that meal prepping was just eating leftovers all week. Not really my perspective on the topic because I tend to meal prep in a way that still ends up with very fresh results when I go to eat. Yeah, I can spend my Sunday’s meal prepping and still end up cooking fresh meals during the week but cutting down on a lot of that meaningless prep time. Let’s go over how I view meal prepping and see if maybe want to start doing it yourself

The first part of meal prepping is cutting down on dishes, it’s my least favorite part of the cooking process. When you decide to meal prep you can really cut down on the amount of time as you do the same task. When I start meal prepping, I like to plan what dishes I want to make during the week I usually pick out five and I like to have a portion for dinner and lunch the next day. After I buy all those ingredients, I can start chopping up some of those common things that are easy to do all at once. Onions are usually in almost every recipe I use and sticking a few onions in the food processor and having a Tupperware of pre-chopped onions is not only time saving but tear saving. That goes for all of the vegetables that I can use and getting them ready so that they can just go into the pan and I can stir fry them, or throw them into a burrito, or a casserole and it’s just. I primarily stick to chicken and fish for health reasons and they’re usually fairly easily accessible. When I buy a large pack of chicken thighs, I’ll marinate half with one flavor and another flavor for the other half. I can easily portion these thighs out put them in Ziploc bags and freeze them so the night before I can just pull them out and I have ready to go marinated meat for the next day. By doing these prep work things I’m still cooking fresh meals at night but cutting down on the prep time.

Let’s face it if most of our prep work is done in advance then we’re more likely to come home and actually cook those meals. Having home cooked meals is a more affordable and healthier option and prep work can make it accessible for everyone schedule. Hopefully some of these tips and tricks for new to you and if you have any suggestions do not hesitate to contact me on Twitter. Also take a look at this link for some of the best recipes that you can prep in advance and still get that fresh result.

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