Hung out to Dry…

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We’re very lucky to say that we have so many options when we go to the grocery store for what type of food we’re going to buy and what form it is sold in. What I mean is we can choose between fresh, frozen, dried, and canned ingredients. Having this choice available to us can be quite daunting but I want to focus in on canned versus dried because this comes up a lot when I go to the grocery store. A lot of things beans, legumes, even stocks are sold in both dried and canned forms. For some of these ingredients I definitely have a preference and others I leave it up to the recipe to kind of decide what I’m going to buy.

One of the first ingredients that comes to mind is beans and other legumes these are available in canned and dry varieties at most grocery stores. I do  like the dry ingredients better I think I’m able to lock in more of a flavor if I start with dried beans especially in something that’s going to simmer all day like a chili. Although this does take some preparation because I like to soak those overnight so that they don’t take days to cook on the stove. It’s not saying that I don’t always have a can of black beans and pinto beans in my pantry available for when I get those midnight cravings. Another thing I like to buy in the dry form is bullion, which is basically a dried form of stock or broth. I think having the dried form allows me to get a concentrated flavor without having to reduce it and it’s just a great way to impact the flavor of soups and sauces without making them more liquid. Here’s a link to one of my favorite bullion’s it’s not dry but it lasts in the fridge for months and it has such a great flavor. When it comes to certain vegetables, they do come in a dry form such as corn and carrots and for those I tend to shy away from ever buying the dried version. The can version usually has more consistency and flavor of the fresh counterpart all this being said I would try to avoid the can and buy the fresh if I could. Take a look at this article of pantry staples that you should be buying tried and canned.

Hopefully I was able to give you a little insight on the world of dried versus canned ingredients. Both are usually a great cost savings to you because they can be found year around and be bought in bulk. In the end it’s all about good cooking and good food so hopefully this is inspired you to make something delicious with some dried or canned ingredients. When you happen to make any of those dishes make sure you share a picture on my Twitter.

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