Save Some Bread

(Image credit: Joe Lingeman)

One of the things that I’ve always found to be a relaxing experience is bread making. Breadmaking can be very cost-effective. The ingredients are usually straightforward and can easily be found in your pantry or even the smallest of grocery stores. Simple bread just consists of flour, yeast water and gets more complex from there. I have a couple of recipes that I love to use, and I made them multiple times, and I get an excellent result each time.

The first one is focaccia bread, and the recipe for that is in this link. It’s a crispy light bread that is perfect for sandwiches, that you can slice it up and make a little cracker for dips, and croutons for a salad. It’s a great versatile bread recipe, and I also tend to double the recipe sometimes and put it in the same half sheet pan to get a thicker result and then slice it through the middle for sandwiches. It’s also effortless to make; it’s one of the easiest bread recipes; you prof it twice for the second time is it in the pan, and there’s also no shaping involved which is a tricky part of bread making. Another type of bread I love to make for sandwiches especially is Dutch crunch. It has this crispy layer on top of the bread, and it’s great for adding another element to a dish. It’s also perfect if you slice it up and use it aside for soups. It’s a great bread to dip and get that flavor of the soup onto. Now you may be thinking who has time to make all of this bread and prep time, but it’s worth it if you’re like me and kind of impulsive when it comes to meals, especially those midnight snacks; bread can always be made in advance and frozen. When I go to the process of making focaccia, if I’m going to make the kitchen a mess and dirty my KitchenAid mixer, I might as well just make two batches worth and freeze them in usable portions. It will come out tasting just like the day you froze it. I prefer to freeze the bread over leaving it in the fridge because it comes out with a nicer result over the same time period.

Hopefully, this is inspired you to make some bread and get some soups, salads, and grilled cheese going for dinner. If you have your favorite bread recipe that you want to share, please tag me on Twitter, and maybe I’ll give it a try. Don’t worry if your bread doesn’t come out right the first time. It’s a process of learning and adjusting the recipe till you get your desired results. Let’s all make some bread well saving some bread.

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