Grillin and Chillin

Photo by Jianbi Chen

Now I’m not any sort of a grill master but it’s one of my favorite ways to cook because I think it adds a whole other level of flavor. I think grilling is great because you can either spend all day doing it or they can be something quick that’s done right before dinner is served. One of the fondest memories I have of being a kid is when we used to barbecue and every time, I smell the charcoal being ignited it reminds me of that same childhood memory. So, I want to talk a little bit about grilling and some of the things that I do and, in the end, maybe you can start grilling.

The biggest debate is probably what grill to buy, there’s pellet grills, propane, charcoal and even wood-burning. Each has its own pros and cons but in the end it’s whatever’s easiest for you and whatever flavor profile you like the most. Wood, pallet, and charcoal grilling add another layer of flavor from the smokiness that you won’t really get with a gas grill. That being said they’re harder to ignite and take a little bit more time to warm up then a gas grill. There are also some health concerns there’s more carcinogens in the smoke which is been known to cause cancer so if you choose to avoid that you’ll still end up with a great result. Gas grills are great because they can get to temperature very quickly and are easy to ignite. You also get exact temperature controls which makes it easier for even the newest grillers.

It’s important that when you do grill that you give your barbecue enough time to heat up properly so that you can get a great sear on whatever you’re cooking. Do you want those perfect grill lines just remember to place your meat presentation side down and then turn it at a 45° angle to get those perfect crosshatch marks. Most cast iron grill grates don’t need a nonstick spray but if you were making something that sticks just take a brush with some avocado oil and avoid those canned aerosols nonstick coatings. One of the other great things about grilling is its fairly quick cleanup. When you’re done grilling just bump that heat up to high take your wire brush cleaner and just scrape everything down on the grill and after it’s cooled down and empty the drip tray at the bottom and you’re good to go for your next time.

Hopefully, this is giving you some more confidence when you go out to your next barbecue to be the grill master. Let’s face it we’re all going into the summer and grilling is Great way to be outside well enjoying some great food. Share your favorite summer barbecue recipes with me on Twitter and do not hesitate to ask me any questions that you have regarding grilling. Let’s all start marinating some meat up so that we can throw that on the grill over the weekend and if you need some ideas check this link out.

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