International Foods

Photo by Elenabsl

Let’s talk a bit about cooking some international food. This is one of my favorite things to do; it’s fun to experiment and embrace other cultures through their food. Making your dishes at home is a great way to experience the roots and the traditions of different countries and their cuisines. My favorite food is Thai, and I try to make that quite a bit; it’s one of my favorite comfort foods, and I love the flavor. We live in a great time where most of us can experience international cuisine in our backyard. Let’s talk a bit about what it entails when cooking international foods.

Cooking international cuisines can be pretty intimidating, especially for a novice chef. The first thing is doing your research find blogs and recipes that people have tried and experimented with to save yourself a little bit of that grief. It’s also notable that it’s a learning process, and your skills will only get better the more you practice and the more times you try to attempt a dish. Many cuisines have recipes that are more reliant on ratios than specific measurements, which can also be a hurdle to new cooks. That’s why researching is so important and understanding what you’re making and what your end product should be. Here’s a link to an excellent resource for international cooking that hopefully can inspire you to cook more.

Finding international ingredients isn’t something that can be easy, although it has become more accessible in recent years with chain grocery stores caring more diverse elements. If you can’t find something at your local grocery store, check and see if you have any ethnic market it’s a great way to get traditional ingredients and ask questions about some of the elements that the recipe calls for. In the end, people are a great resource, and don’t be afraid to reach out to them and ask them when you’re at the store if they have any advice for what you’re making. It’s also a great way to embrace yourself in the culture; you’ll find snacks and other things that originate from that country, and you may have never even tried or heard of. I got to say I’ve had a green tea KitKts, and they are a game-changer, so if you do come across those at any of your Asian markets, pick those up for sure.  

So hopefully, you guys are inspired to go out and try those daring international recipes that you’ve been waiting to make. Let me know how they turn outreach out to me on Twitter; share your photos your recipes for any questions or comments that you may have if there’s a recipe that you want me to try and let you know how it is, hit me up at that as well. Hopefully, we can all learn a little bit more about different cultures and their cuisines through their food.

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