Let’s see these dietary restriction…

One of the things that people have to consider when cooking for others is the dietary restrictions of that individual. These nutritional restrictions can stem from religious, social, or health concerns. It’s nice to have a brief overview of a few of the broad, more popular limits that we see today, so your next meal plan can go quick and easy. Let’s face it, and if we are unfamiliar with these, we can be pretty confused when someone brings up a specific restriction. Hopefully, you can do a dinner party with even the most restrictive of dinner guests at the end of this.

One of the most popular ones we see is being a vegetarian; there are different types of vegetarian some will eat eggs, milk, and cheese, and others will not. This is something that I would talk to with my dinner guest just so that I can get a better understanding before I set a menu.  Here is the link to some of the different types of vegetarians, and their specific names.

Next, vegans, they don’t eat anything containing an animal product. This includes dairy, meat, and eggs; this can make the planning of meals difficult, but there are so many vegan options in your local grocery store that it shouldn’t even phase you.

Gluten-free options have also become very popular in grocery stores; from flours to premade bread, it’s pretty easy to plan a gluten-free. People tend to have a gluten-free diet when they have health concerns related to Celica’s disease or some sort of gluten intolerance.

Kosher is another important one that seems very common; it is related to the Jewish religion. Kosher items are very easily found in grocery stores; many things are already kosher, and they’ll have a small kosher stamp on the bottom right corner that will allow you to know if the item is kosher friendly.

Lastly, I wanted to talk a bit about allergy; this is something I ask anyone before I start cooking for them; that way, I can make sure everyone stays safe. These allergies can range from certain fruits, nuts, meats, and gluten that we mentioned earlier.

Hopefully, with this bit of rundown next time you get someone with a dietary restriction, you know what they’re talking about and how to deal with it with your menu. Also remember cross-contamination is also a significant factor, so try to keep your kitchen clean and separate. When it comes to allergies, I tend just not to keep those items in the kitchen anywhere near where I’m cooking if someone has a specific allergy. I can’t wait to see what great dishes you guys come up with next, hit me up on Twitter and share your beautiful recipes and photos of those meals you are making.

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