Eating with our senses…

Photo By Paparacy

One of the first things I learned when I started taking culinary classes where the people eat with all of their senses. This means that we have to look at how dishes are presented visually, the aroma, their texture, and lastly, you have to take a look at how they taste. If you understand all of these aspects, then you can create a more cohesive dish and end up with a better result. So, I wanted to go over some of the elements of these different senses so that you can get those restaurant-quality meals at home.

The first thing that people usually sense when they’re eating is the aroma. How many times have you come home and smell onions sweating on the stove or garlic roasting in a pan? It’s a great way to build the flavor profile without even tasting the dish. In specific cuisines such as Thai, many people can see if there is a bright balance in spices and flavors just by the smell; that’s why it is so important to pay attention to your food’s aroma.

Next is the visual aspect of food; it is said that people eat as much with their eyes as they do with their mouth. I’m one of those who fall privy to the dessert cart that they were all around the restaurant because they know that I’m going to have to eat it as soon as I see that chocolate cake. Balancing colors and shapes on the plates can help you get an appealing dish and add a whole other level to your culinary experience.

The next thing you want to pay attention to is the texture of the meal you were preparing. Do you want to have various surfaces that can go together and enhance the dish and the flavors? Having that crisp slate crunch or the sauciness of your pasta can elevate the dining experience.

Lastly and inevitably most important, the taste of the food is critical in having a successful dish. The only advice I have to give is tasted flavor; you can always add more, and you can never take it out. This goes with everything from salt to spices; you want to start slowing and add more until you’re comfortable with each ingredient’s flavor profiles.

Hopefully, this is inspired you to play those gourmet meals and focus on all of your senses when it comes to your next cooking experience. There are so many different aspects of the dish that you have to pay attention to and making them all work together is the most important. There’s also a significant amount of resources available take a look at this article that goes further into detail on the different ways people enjoy their meals. Like always, try to keep it cooking and hit me up on Twitter if you have any questions on taste or texture, or aromas.

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