Air Fried…. Hmmm

Photo By PerfectLoop

I recently got an air fryer; although I am a person who doesn’t like these modern kitchen appliances, I think it has become one of my favorite kitchen items. Air fryers are a great way to save money and make healthier options with a reduction of deep-fried food. Air frying cannot replace frying entirely, but it’s an excellent alternative for specific dishes. It’s also a quicker process than heating up the entire oven and waiting for the preheating to be done.

Air frying saves money in one significant way it’s a smaller area that gets heated, and it doesn’t require any sort of preheating time. If you turn on the oven, you have to have the time that it takes to preheat and heating the entire space while you’re cooking your dish. It’s probably the same energy use as a small toaster oven. If you got a convection toaster oven, you’d probably get similar results. The one thing that’s nice about mine versus a convection oven is that the fan is on the top, so it blows hot air directly down on the field versus from the side like a standard convection oven.  I haven’t tried baking in the air fryer, so I couldn’t tell you if that would replace the over in whole.

It’s important to know when an air fryer will be more effective at getting similar results as fried. I’ve tried putting potatoes, eggrolls, chicken wings, and vegetables in the air fryer and got some of the products to as if I had fried them. The chicken wings were less greasy and felt a lot healthier than when I deep fry them—the same thing with the eggrolls. I felt like less oil was getting stuck inside, and they ended up being a lot lighter. I did try doing fried chicken in the air fryer, but I didn’t get a good result, and I felt like the coating was just peeling away from the chicken very quickly. The best way to know what dishes come out best in the air fryer is to try them out, try a sample and if it doesn’t work out, then stick to the deep frying. Check out this link to some great air fried recipes.

The air fryer is definitely a healthier alternative because you don’t have as much fat and oil in the food as if you were to deep fry. If you don’t eat a lot of fried food and it’s a treat, you might want to just stick to the traditional ways you get that extra crispy result that you’re used to. Suppose you’re in the market of buying a toaster oven. In that case, I will probably push you towards buying an air fryer but by no means am I saying that you need to start saving up to go buy an air fryer. Here’s a link to some great air fryers, and they are tested and raked to see which one is best for your needs. Catch up with me on Twitter and let me know what great air fryer recipes you’ve tried and how you think they held up to the original.

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